1994 Lincoln Town Car check air suspension message on displ

  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 77,000 MILES
After installing a new battery I started the car and while backing out of the driveway the "message" appeared on the display. I drove the car for about 1/4 mile and stopped and shut the car off. I started the car again, I could hear the compressor trying to fill the air suspension I put it in drive and drove about 10 miles. The suspension initially inflated and while driving the same message appeared on the display. I got to my destination. Shut off the car. Later when I started the car to go home the message appeared again and the suspension did not inflate. It was a terrible ride. I stopped and turned of the car again to see if it would be ok after restarting and this time it did not inflate. What do I look for first to fix this?
B. Crawford Yuma, AZ
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Thursday, March 19th, 2009 AT 12:12 PM

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Hello .. thanks for the donation .. much appreciated

Air suspension diagnostics require using Super Star II Tester (004-00041) or an equivalent scan tester.

Rear air suspension system is operational with ignition switch in RUN position and has limited operation for one hour after ignition is turned off. The air suspension switch is located on right side of luggage compartment and must be turned off when vehicle is on a hoist, being towed or being jump-started.
A CHECK AIR SUSPENSION warning light is located in instrument panel message center, to right of speedometer. Warning light flashes 5 times, and then stays on when service switch is turned off or a system malfunction is detected.
Air required for leveling vehicle is distributed from air compressor to the air springs by nylon air line, which runs from compressor drier through a "Y" fitting to each individual air spring.

NOTE:Air suspension diagnostics require using Super Star II Tester (004-00041) or an equivalent scan tester.

CAUTION:When battery is disconnected, vehicle computer and memory systems may lose memory data. Driveability problems may exist until computer systems have completed a relearn cycle. See COMPUTER RELEARN PROCEDURES article in GENERAL INFORMATION before disconnecting battery.

CAUTION:Electrical power supply to air suspension system must be turned off prior to hoisting, jacking or towing vehicle. This can be done by disconnecting battery or turning OFF air suspension switch, located in trunk. See Fig. 1 and Fig. 4 .

Compressor relay, compressor vent solenoid and all air spring solenoids have internal diodes for noise suppression. DO NOT switch battery and ground feeds when testing components.
When charging the battery, the ignition switch MUST be in the OFF position if air suspension switch in trunk is on. See Fig. 4 . If ignition switch is in ON position, air compressor relay or motor may be damaged.

Test Procedure
Remove all extra loads from luggage compartment. Turn air suspension switch, located on right side of luggage compartment, OFF, then ON. Attach scan tester according to manufacturers instructions.
Start engine. If engine cannot be started, connect battery charger to maintain battery level and turn ignition switch to RUN position. Wait 5 seconds, then depress scan tester button so it remains in TEST position. Code 10 should be displayed. If Code 10 is displayed, go to next step. If Code 80 is displayed, go to DIAGNOSTIC TEST M (CODE 80), BATTERY VOLTAGE LOW. If no codes are displayed, go to DIAGNOSTIC TEST N, UNABLE TO ENTER SERVICE BAY DIAGNOSTICS.
Code 10 will be displayed for up to 2 minutes. DO NOT put any weight on vehicle while code 10 is displayed. When Auto Test is complete, Code 12 (test passed) or Code 13 (test failed) will be displayed. After Code 12 or 13 is displayed, open all doors and turn steering wheel 1/4 turn in both directions.
Release scan tester button to HOLD position. Wait 5 seconds then push scan tester button to TEST position. Codes will be displayed within 20 seconds. If Code 11 is displayed, vehicle passes. Exit diagnostics by disconnecting scan tester and turning ignition switch to OFF position. If any other code is displayed, see ELECTRONIC SUSPENSION DIAGNOSTIC CODES table for test procedure. DO NOT disconnect scan tester or turn ignition off.

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