1994 Lincoln Town Car



September, 17, 2007 AT 4:17 PM

My neighbor is 75 years old. Recently she has been having trouble with her car. I'm pretty good with machinery but I don't know very much about car engines. I did everything I could think of. I put a couple of gallons of gas in the tank which did nothing. I tested the battery and it was dead so I replaced it for her. Now the car will start, all the belts are turning, the lights are coming on, and everything sounds like I think it should. The problem is that it doesn't get any further than that. I can't get the car to turn over. I traced every wire, checked and cleaned every connection, and even did a soap bubble check on all of the tubing to check for leaks. I couldn't find anything I knew was was wrong. I have looked at the manual and searched online for an answer. Please help me to figure out why this car still won't start.


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