1993 Lincoln Town Car blendooractuator

Heater problem
1993 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

how do I get the dashboard off to get at theheatercore
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have the same problem?
Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 AT 10:15 AM

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Removal & Installation (Mark VIII)
Drain cooling system. Remove instrument panel. Remove seal from heater core tubes. Remove blend door actuator from case. Remove heater core access cover screws and remove access cover. Pull heater core from case. To install, reverse removal procedure. Fill cooling system and leak test.

Removal & Installation (Mark VIII)
Disable air bag system. See AIR BAGS article in the ACCESSORIES/SAFETY EQUIPMENT Section. Disconnect negative battery cable. Disconnect main wiring harness on engine compartment side. Disengage rubber grommet from firewall. Feed main wiring harness and connectors through opening into instrument panel area.
Remove steering column opening trim cover. Remove sound insulators panels from under instrument panel. See Fig. 3. Remove 5 steering column trim shroud screws and steering column lower support. Disconnect wiring from steering column. Remove right and left side cowl panels.
Remove 4 steering column-to-brake pedal support nuts. Lower and rest steering column on front seat. Disconnect wiring harness connector on left side of steering column. Remove glove box door. Disconnect antenna lead from radio. Remove floor console-to-instrument panel and floor screw. Move console rearward.
Remove 2 instrument panel-to-floor screws. Remove instrument panel-to-cowl nuts. Remove 2 lower left instrument panel-to-cowl nuts. Remove 6 bolts on top front of instrument panel.
Remove right and left side pillar trim covers. Remove 3 clips at top edge of instrument panel. Pull instrument panel from firewall. To install, reverse removal procedure.
Fig. 3: Exploded View Of Instrument Panel (Mark VIII)
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.
Removal & Installation
WARNING:To avoid injury from accidental air bag deployment, read and carefully follow all SERVICE PRECAUTIONS and DISABLING & ACTIVATING AIR BAG SYSTEM procedures in the AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEM article in the ACCESSORIES/SAFETY EQUIPMENT section.

Disable air bag system. See AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEM article in the ACCESSORIES/SAFETY EQUIPMENT section. Position vehicle wheels straight ahead. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove right and left lower mouldings from instrument panel by pulling away from instrument panel and snapping out retainers.
Remove left and right side lower insulator panels from instrument panel. Remove 5 bolts retaining lower instrument panel steering column cover and remove lower instrument panel steering column cover. Remove 2 bolts and reinforcement from under steering column. Pull up to unsnap upper finish panel and remove upper finish panel.
Remove ignition lock cylinder. See appropriate STEERING COLUMN SWITCHES article. Remove steering column tilt lever. Remove upper and lower steering column shrouds. Disconnect wiring from steering column switches and "PRNDL" cable from steering column.
Remove 4 nuts retaining steering column to instrument panel and lower column on front seat. Install ignition lock cylinder to ensure steering column tube shaft does not turn causing air bag clockspring misalignment and damage. Open glove compartment door and press tabs inward and lower glove compartment to floor.
Through left side of glove compartment opening, remove 2 bolts retaining instrument panel to dash panel brace. Remove right and left side cowl trim panels. Disconnect main wiring harness connectors from engine compartment on left and right sides.
Disengage rubber grommets from dash panel and feed main wiring harness through hole in dash panel into passenger compartment. Disconnect harness connectors from instrument panel at right and left cowl sides. Remove 2 lower bolts retaining instrument panel to "A" pillar.
Using steering column and glove compartment openings and by reaching under instrument panel, disconnect all harness connectors, vacuum hoses, demister hose, heater A/C vacuum lines and radio antenna lead in cable.
Close glove compartment door, support instrument panel and remove 5 screws retaining top of instrument panel to cowl top and disconnect any remaining wires. Remove instrument panel from vehicle. If instrument panel is being replaced, transfer all parts to new instrument panel. To install, reverse removal procedure.
Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove instrument panel. See INSTRUMENT PANEL. Locate blend door actuator on upper evaporator case. Remove electrical connection, screws and pull blend door actuator from evaporator case.
To install, reverse removal procedure. After replacement is complete, blend door actuator must be calibrated. To calibrate unit, disconnect positive battery cable for at least 30 seconds. When positive battery cable is reconnected, A/C system will automatically calibrate.
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