2004 Other Lincoln Models Engine Shut Off Question

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Engine Mechanical problem
2004 Other Lincoln Models V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 79000 miles

Thank you for reviewing my question. My vehicle is a Lincoln Aviator. While driving, it felt like it was hesitating. I took it in to have it looked at and they said it was the spark plugs. I had all these replaced however when driving home felt the same hesitation. Took it into auto zone to have it tested on their hand held machine but there was no read out. It would even turn on the machine and they verified on another vehicle that machine worked. The next day my vehicle completely shut off while driving. Had vehicle towed to another mechanic. That mechanic changed out the fuse and tested computer. Computer now works and reads out no error codes. They still want to replace ignition coil #7 and #8. They won't test drive for me to see if it will turn off again. The fee is $477 total for the two coils, plus labor, plus they still charge the diagnosis plus tax and a shop supply fee. Seems high. Is it possible the vehicle was shutting off simply because of the fuse? Is it recommended to go ahead and have the coils replaced? Thank you again!

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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 AT 8:01 PM

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