1998 Lincoln Mark VIII tail lights and corner lights remain

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Electrical problem
1998 Lincoln Mark VIII V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 115000 miles

the computer says check tail lights and they are working but the tail lights and front corner lights remain on when car is turned off. The head lights go off when they should shortly after the car is turned off but the rest remain on. It ends up draining the battery because they wont go off. Could this be a relay or switch that is stuck on?

also there is trouble starting the car when it is really cold the starter will just click but as soon as you try to jump it even without turning the other car on just with the standing juice from another battery the car will start. Could this be the battery is not holding enough of a charge that the starter requires or is the starter faulty now requiring more power than it should to function?

Last when it is really cold the rear suspension goes down and the check suspension message comes up. Sometimes I may have to start and stop the car a few times to get it to normal ride height. The mechanic said there were no leaks but I turned off the air ride switch in the trunk while it was up and the next morning the rear was down again, this means a leak correct? I thought it may be the rear air strut that is leaking. The mechanic changed the sensor in the driver door because it used to say driver door ajar and he said that that can affect the suspension system. But the next day I got it back it was down again.

Thank you soooo much for what ever help or advice you can offer it means alot for me and My Mother would be thrilled to have her car working correctly.

Do you
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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 AT 4:01 PM

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