1996 Lincoln Mark VIII OVERHEATING?


Engine Cooling problem
1996 Lincoln Mark VIII V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 102000 miles

the temp guage redlined. Kept driving a few miles. Did not actually "overheat" so as to be undrivable. Can drive about 30-40 miles before "redlining". Started with the least expensive possibilty. Replaced thermostat. No good. Problem continued. Took to a shop. Mechanic checked water pump. OK. Replaced radiator. Problem problem continued. Per mechanic, through "process of elimination", "you've got a busted head gasket".

No fluids have ever "leaked". No oil. No coolant.

For what it's worth, my snowblower/lawn mower repair guy delivered a snowblower yesterday. I asked him for his opinion about the "problem". He asked about the themostat, water pump and radiator. His opinion. He couldn't say what the problem is, but if no fluids are "leaking". Its not the head gasket.


Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, September 11th, 2010 AT 3:49 PM

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