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Engine Cooling problem
1996 Lincoln Mark VIII V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 102000 miles

the temp guage redlined. Kept driving a few miles. Did not actually " overheat" so as to be undrivable. Can drive about 30-40 miles before " redlining". Started with the least expensive possibilty. Replaced thermostat. No good. Problem continued. Took to a shop. Mechanic checked water pump. OK. Replaced radiator. Problem problem continued. Per mechanic, through " process of elimination", " you've got a busted head gasket".

No fluids have ever " leaked". No oil. No coolant.

For what it's worth, my snowblower/lawn mower repair guy delivered a snowblower yesterday. I asked him for his opinion about the " problem". He asked about the themostat, water pump and radiator. His opinion. He couldn't say what the problem is, but if no fluids are " leaking". Its not the head gasket.


Saturday, September 11th, 2010 AT 3:49 PM

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