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I have an 1988 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 5.0

Something is draining the battery. It started about a month ago when I noticed the " Amp" light would come on intermittently. Well one day when I stopped for gas I couldn't get the car started again, the battery was dead. I replaced the battery with a new one and that solved the problem for a short term. After a few weeks the battery was dead again. So I thought the alternator must be bad.

I took the alternator to a parts store and they put it on a machine and tested it and it tested good. Also when I take off the + cable on the battery the car continues to run fine, so I definitely don't think its the alternator.

My question is what else could be causing this drainage of the battery? How would I find out what it is?

Thank you,

Sunday, July 29th, 2007 AT 12:31 PM

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