1993 Mark VIII- Starter and freon.


1993 Lincoln Mark VIII, 95,000, automatic, 2 doors, bad leak with freon hose. I'm not sure about the engine size. Past repair- it was in an accident sometime shortly after it was originally purchased, but was totally restored and has passed all tests since then.

OK, here are the questions:

The lights and dash board all comes on when I turn the key halfway. Then when I turn it all the way to actually start the car, the lights on the dash all go out, and all I hear is a "click click click" noise. My friend said it's most likely the starter. Is it? How does one replace a starter? I have ZERO automechanic knowledge, but can learn if it's cheaper to do it myself.

Also, a repair shop I took the car to to repair a freon hose said they couldn't test the system (for AC, I think) because there was a leak so bad that not enough freon would make it through to test. They said it'd be 600 something dollars to replace the new hose, and that would be just to test the entire system to see if soemthing more was wrong. ANy suggestions? Like I said, no experience, but I'll gain some if it's cheaper to do it myself!


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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 AT 6:37 PM

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