1998 Lincoln Continental



October, 1, 2010 AT 5:06 PM

Engine Cooling problem
1998 Lincoln Continental V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic

My car is leaking coolant between motor and transmission in the area of the flywheel. I would like to know what could be the cause of the leak in that area. Thank You for your time


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October, 1, 2010 AT 5:21 PM

It's probably not as serious as you think. This engine uses a plastic intake manifold with a valley under it. They have a lot of problems with the intakes leaking. There is also a pipe that runs under the manifold with a rubber hose on the end that can leak also. This valley has a drain hole at the rear that drains right into the bellhousing. Look at the very front of the manifold for a crack. That is a common spot.

You really need to pressure test the cooling system and you will see the leak. Look down behind the alternator.

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