1997 Lincoln Continental



September, 19, 2007 AT 12:27 AM

Intake manifold was leaking coolant outside and through the pipe, so I replaced it with the new and improved one. I replaced the spark plugs/.054 gap, cleaned the injectors individually by activating each and spraying carb cleaner through them. No more leaks, but when accelerating it hesitates and sputters. I changed the TPS sensor, no change, replaced the MAS Sensor, no change, cleaned the IAC, no change, I don't hear any vacuum leaks, sprayed around the hoses and intake with starter spray, and still no vacuum leaks. First codes were MAS flow 103 then random misfires 300 now no codes and still hesitates when accelerating. Power is there after passing the sputtering. Think the O2 sensor might be bad? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. AWESOME site by the way. Thanks in advance.

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