1994 Lexus SC 300 leaking Clear Fluid & changing rear

  • 1994 LEXUS SC 300

Air Conditioning problem
1994 Lexus SC 300 6 cyl Automatic 179000 miles

Hi All,

I'm female, unexperience to car, just move to Cali from NJ 2 weeks ago. I gave my 2002 Honda accord to my mother and took my brother's old Lexus 1994 SC300 when moving out to California.

I have an old car, still good engine and reliable, but my brother had neglected it since it was getting old. It made out to California from NJ 2 times already!

Suddenly 2 weeks ago, it started making a "flap" noise" at the R rear tires. I thought I might have hit something hard or was a result from recently replacing my tires at Walmart, but I dont remember hitting anything hard, and I brought it back to Walmart to have it checked out and it wasnt the tire problem. The roto and disc pads are making the flapping noise. It is rusty and old from the cold weather of NJ. I saw the video clip on this website on how to change FRONT roto/brake pads, my question is, is it the same as changing for the back roto/brakes? What position do I need to steer the roto? How do release/avoid any air in the roto/brake after it is complete? Should I lubricate it with oil? Do I need to replace or change brake oil?

Then on my way driving to California, I noticed there was a lot of clear leaking fluid on the passenger side. It occurred when I turned on the A/C or when I pressed on the gas. Actually, its not leaking, it was POURING! The carpet was saturated for over a week even after I clean this up. Prior to my long drive, I took my car to jiffylube for an oil change and liquid refills, could this be something that jiffy lube caused?

My car is old, not of great value, but the motor engine is worth more than the value. Its awesome! I want to fix it myself. The auto shop want to charge me a lot of money, regardless of the condition of my car. I am not that rich either, could anyone show me how to fix this?

I will do a youtube video when I fix this up so other members/people/females who are as clueless as I am, could see that its possible to do something like this too! Thanks for all your help!
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Thursday, June 18th, 2009 AT 6:23 PM

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