92 Lexus ES300 LOUD after overheating!

  • 1992 LEXUS

After replacing thermostat, water pump, head gaskets, belts, etc and having heads smoothed (?) My car is now LOUD. Is this to be expected after overheating? Here is my original post.
1992 lexus es300 approx 160K miles. Drove from San Diego to Murrieta, car sat for about 1.5 hours - drove one mile - car sat 30 minutes - drove approx 5 miles when car lost power/slowed down, then check engine light went on, seconds later all lights went on as car died. Coasted and stopped - steam coming out from both sides of hood. Lifted hood and most coming from melted T connector near overflow. Let it cool off for hours & T connector replaced, added water, burped, but still hot. Replaced thermostat but still hot. Please advise - my car is in Murrieta and I live and work in San Diego and need help - What next? Thanks!

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Monday, October 23rd, 2006 AT 11:40 PM

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