1994 Lexus



December, 9, 2007 AT 8:15 PM

Transmission problem
1994 Lexus V6 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 125587 miles

My check engine light came on and shortly after my car would not shift gears when going about 50 miles. At 50 miles my car would sound like the engine is racing and the gage would go all the way past 5th gear consistantly without shifting. I took it to what I thought was Lee Myles because it was an advertised place. They explained to me that it would cost $500 to evaluate my transmission I paid the $500 they came back and said they knew what the problem was and it would cost $2500.00 to repair (rebuild) the engine. After taking the car back three times in two weeks they now say they dont know what the problem is and it " May" be electrical or computerized. But I already paid $3,000.00 and have the same issue. Should they refund any part or all of my money since my car is exactly the same way as when I brought it in? Please help.


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