1992 Lexus es300 Auto Transmission problem?

  • 1992 LEXUS

Ok well I noticed that my car had low stutter acceleration for awhile now so on saturday I had time to check it well it turned out to be a ripped Air intake hose. So for now I temporarily silyconed it and taped it now, I also bought some Throttle body cleaner, so I sprayed the TB and cleaned it, Now when I turned the car back on the car ran perfect! Back to when I first got it.


The car started acting really funny in first or second gear the car would not change gears it would rev for about 4k or 5k rpms then as I let off it switched. I thought well maybe its the ECU maybe has to be restarted. I turned the car back on and bam perfect everything shifted nice I thought problem solved.

BUT! Today.

I drove the car took off like normal car reved to about 4k 5k and WOULD NOT change gears I let off NOTHING car just DIED would just rev but not go anywhere at all so then I put it back on park shifted back to D and bam it got but it started shaking like it wanted to turn off wth? Then bam Died wouldnt go anywhere, I turned the car off and started it and it got the gears I drove it back to the house but it died on the drive way. What the heck is going on can anyone please help me Please.


i checked the Tranny oil seems to be good could maybe the dist cap messed everything up because when I was cleaning the TB maybe some might have got on it but doubt it.



When I first turn it on I hear this Noise like like a sound the powersteering would make when their is no fluid. And the car will get the gears but as soon as the sound dissapears the car gets no gears and just freezes wierd? I HOPE ITS NOT THE TRANY?

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 AT 1:06 AM

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