2000 Lexus GS 300 Engine Oil in Power Steering Reservoir

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  • 2000 LEXUS GS 300

Steering problem
2000 Lexus GS 300 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

I did the STUPIDEST thing I've ever done in my life today. After checking the oil dip stick to confirm I needed about a half quart. I mistakenly put my funnel in the Power Steering reservoir without realizing. When I added oil it IMMEDIATELY'backed up' and spilled over because there was ample steering fluid in there already. So only maybe a 1/4 qt got in, if that? I happened to be near a Walmart, so I walked across the street and got an over-sized syringe to vacuum out the 'top off' of oil and ALL the PS Fluid in the reservoir I could suck out and bought new PS Fluid and replaced the whole reservoir with it. WITHOUT EVER TURNING THE CAR ON OR DRIVING THE CAR until completed.

The Q: Will/should that be enough NOT to hurt the car? Or do I need to FLUSH the PS system?

Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, December 11th, 2009 AT 6:22 PM

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