1999 Lexus GS 300 Dash lights stopped working.

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  • 1999 LEXUS GS 300

Electrical problem
1999 Lexus GS 300 6 cyl 203, 00 miles

I am staying at a hotel and I came to get my car out of valet last night and the battery was dead (this happened at this hotel last year too. That's another story.

They jump started the car and let it run for 15-20 minutes.I came and got in the car. Drove it about a mile away and shut it off for about 20-30 minutes.

When I turned the car back on the dash lights didn't work.

If I twist the headlight knob on the stick on the left hand side of the steering wheel I can get the console light to come on for the A/C temp. And my radio lights on the front of my radio as well. But only when the headlights are off.

This happened to me about 8months ago and I needed to get a new battery that day.

Could this be happening again this soon.

I have to drive back to Phoenix tomorrow morning and I am not sure what to do because I can't see my speedometer without the dash lights.

Any ideas.



Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, April 4th, 2010 AT 11:31 AM

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