1996 Lexus ES 300 My car wont start!

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  • 1996 LEXUS ES 300

1996 Lexus ES 300 6 cyl Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 200000 miles

My 96 lexus es300 has been acting weird for a little over a month. At first it would start normally but then it would act like it was running out of gas inless you let it idel for 5-8 minutes. Then some days it would be harder to start and we would still have to let it idle to be able to drive without it cutting out. Then it turned into some days it would not start at all and then the next day it would start fine. Now it will not start at all, it will make noises like it will start but we have been trying it every day sience march 16 and it is a no go. The check engine light is on. We have tried premium gas, sea foam and checked the spark plugs. Any thoughts I cant get it started to get to a shop

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Friday, March 21st, 2008 AT 12:08 PM

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