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January, 29, 2006 AT 9:55 AM

Hello I've been having problems with my 1999 rover 220 sdi. The problems started when I clipped a kerb and bent the passenger side front wheel, it knock the tracking out badly and ever since has pulled to the left slighty, even after having the tracking sorted. After I clipped the kerb, the brakes started to judder, so I had the front discs and pads replaced. I got cheap ones from a motor factors, within 3 months they were juddering quite badly again, so this time on advice from the garage, I had them replaced with proper rover manufactered discs. 3 months on and there juddering again, I can feel it through the steering and the pedal, braking from speeds in excess of 40mph. I'm just wondering if these problems could be caused by something other than overheating or just bad qualitiy discs, I keep wondering if there is some other problem relating to the time I hit the kerb or should I just get some ventilated discs instead of the solid ones?

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February, 2, 2006 AT 2:57 PM

You might have a bad wheel bearing/hub on that corner

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