1951 Land Rover



May, 26, 2006 AT 8:14 AM

The elecric window on my passanger side door is busted - its seems to want to go down (very slowley) but when I go to do it back up it dosnt move! I took it apart yesterday and slit the membrane to the inside of the door but I cant seem to work out how to push it up manually - i've tried tapping the motor but this acheives nothing! It wouldnt be too bad accept, in true english fasion, the wheather hasnt stopped raining and the car is getting drenched! Not to mention the security aspect! Any advice on a how to lift this up as I cant get it repaired for a few weeks?

1 Answer



September, 12, 2006 AT 2:56 PM

Seperate the glass from the regulator and wedge it with something, not the best but it will work temp

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