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Electrical problem
2000 Other Rover Models V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual

hi heres a good one for you
i have a kit car with a purpose made loom
i am having trouble with the indicators and hazzard switch wiring. Heres what I have.
3 pin flasher unit
5 pin switching /hazzard relay
when I indicate left the indicators work
when I indicate right all indicators come on like hazzards are on
coming out of the centre console are 2 wires yellow and purple marked up hazzard switch

3 pin flasher unit has 3 wires black to earth purple to fuse box and yellow into the 5 pin relay

from the 5 pin relay are as follows
1 yellow to indicator stalk/switch
1 yellow to centre console
1 red and green to left hand indicators
1 green and white and brown and white, green and white to indicators and brown and white to dash binnicle
1 black to earth
i have tried numerous combinations with my hazzard switch but keep blowing fuses I can get everything to work but when I indicate right all lights still come on
help me if you can this is driving me mad
kind regards tony.D

Monday, October 13th, 2008 AT 4:23 PM

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