2004 Land Rover Discovery 2 Workshop Repair Manual


2004 Land Rover Discovery 2 V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 85000 miles

I've had a 2004 Discovery II HSE7 for several years and love it! I've driven it from San Diego to Tahoe about 8 times in the last 5 years and into Canada 4 times through rain and blizzards with a full compliment of kayaks, camping and/or backpacking gear on board and all on separate occasions and all from San Diego. Have had small problems (flat tire, unknown source of water leaking into passenger floor section, rear passenger window won't roll up without manual help) but love the truck immensely!
Recently, I had a head gasket leak and thought I had it repaired by Land Rover Specialists in San Diego. After getting the run around on repairs and finally getting to it after months, yes months, of delays and a $2300 bill it was "repaired". After all this time, money and headache it still had a leak and I was making another trip up north! My new mechanic put something in the coolant that would help seal the leak (which appears to have worked by the way). I made it from San Diego through Vancouver Island and on into the Canadian Rockies. Was camped out for a couple days (it was very cold and snowed a fair amount in the time I was gone). I went to start the vehicle and there were some odd sounds coming from the engine compartment. I opened the hood and checked the belt (I had a spare so hoped this was the problem). The belt was fine. I started it again and the same odd sound (light knock/grind). I figured (hoped) it was just a squeel type sound of a loose/slightly warn belt. Drove it 20 miles before it blew parts all over the freeway behind me as were evident in the rearview mirror. Turns out the water pump went and took the belt, pulley and fan with it. My question is, "Do you think the sealant my new mechanic put in it may have frozen the interior of the water pump somehow such that when I turned on the truck after sitting in the snow for a couple days it broke something in the pump?"

Also, I have developed what appears to be a transmission fluid leak and am wondering if this is something very common in this model?

Also, does anyone have a good source for a 2004 Discovery II REPAIR MANUAL (not driver's guide, not parts list, not owner's manual,...)?



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