1999 Land Rover Defender engin compresion


Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Land Rover Defender 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive 265000 miles

I had my Landy`s 2.5 TDI overhauled on 265 000km and had it Dyna tuned after I had driven about 7 000km after it was overhauled. The comression test on all 4 cilinders are showing compression in the region of 19 to 22 bar pressure. According to the mechanics this is to low for an engin that was overhauled and should be in the region of 28 to 30 bar. The mechanics that did the motor is saying that the problems lies with my injectors and have all sorts of exuses.

Q1: What should the comppresion be after the overhaul?
Q2: What is the correct procedure for testing comppresion on a diesel?
Q3: Hoe do I convince these mechanics that they have to redo the motor, based on what?

Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, February 15th, 2010 AT 11:39 PM

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