2001 Kia Spectra Please Help!

  • 2001 KIA SPECTRA
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 123,000 MILES
I had a man install a used engine for me. He had references, experience and was very convincing of his abilities.

What should of been a 1 1/2 day job turned into 3 full days and an unsuccessfully installed engine. He had pulled the engine 3x's, the 3rd time with the transmission, reinstalling both together.

When I saw him at the end with a crow bar in my engine pulling back the inspection plate because the flywheel was hitting it and then cutting it off with some kind of grinder I decided to doubt him when he said the reason it wasn't working was it was a bad engine.
I then hired a master technician to reinstall a second engine and tell me the plight of the first. This technician succesfully installed my second engine and proceeded to tell me the bad news with the first one and the specifics on the job the previous mechanic had done. He had hit the a.C. Condensor(which I had to replace and have redone and recharge the system, dented my hood by accident when removing and setting the hood on the ground it fell on the other engine, cut off the inspection plate because of using the wrong bolts and nuts on the fly wheel which were too large and were hitting inside, as well as missing half the nuts and bolts in which he originally installed first engine - not really even having it fully installed. As well the original engine I bought was good up until he cut into it.
I am explaining this history because I believe it necessary to understand my current problem.
Coming back from the other technicians place I noticed all kinds of noises, motor running rough and throbbing vibrations in the brake pedal, and vibrations in the seat and steering wheel. After about 30 minutes this changed the car would rev in drive but only go slowly until finally reving without going all together. When I would turn it off it would then go into gear fine but begin quickly to do this again. Now when I turn it on it doesn't go into gear at all, any gear. But, when I rev the engine it no longer runs rough but sounds great and the brake my seat and the steering wheel are not vibrating and pulsing anymore.
My question is this, since my tranny was fine previous to this first technician, what could he have done to cause this other than me having a bad transmission?
He removed the tires the muffler and some thing to do with the transaxel the last go round. Is it possible that he messed it up where it goes into the trans axel and the tires?
I only ask this because I'm a out of work single mom with three kids on my last dollar, and I just spent everything to buy and install an engine twice (along with a condensor etc.) And I'm hoping not to have to buy an entire transmission or even if I can fix this without having to pull out both engine and transmission again to find out what's wrong.
!Please help!
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Saturday, September 12th, 2009 AT 5:33 PM

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Check the transmission fluid level is good ! If this is correct, it sounds like you have a bad flywheel (broken) or the torque convertor clutch is now bad !
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Sunday, September 20th, 2009 AT 8:05 PM

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