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Engine Mechanical problem
2007 Kia Sedona

I had Kia service do an oil change. I had driven it for about 10 min, parked it for a few hours then drove it home on the thruway for about 12 min, parked it in the driveway where we saw oil leaking out. We went to check the gauge only to find oil all over the engine.
My question: will damage happen right away or can it take some time to show up? We have heard a "ticking" noise that sounds like a lifter. I took it in to the dealer to have it checked and they told me it's the timing chain and Kia issued a statement about it and there is nothing to be fixed. The service person said that if damage was going to happen because of the oil problem, it would have happened by now. Is that true or is it possible that damage can start showing up a year later? I've always had the oil change done on schedule.

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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 AT 4:35 PM

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