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I've got a 2003 Kia Spectra that just hit the 31,000 mile mark. Recently my area was hit by tropical storm Ernesto and my car received some water damage. The tide rose to about half-way up the tires. The floor of my car got damp, but other than that, no damage was sustained. After vigorously drying it out with a shop-vac for several days I seem to have gotten MOST of the water out. It's still slightly damp, though. I've been driving the car, and I've encountered no problems with it at all. It starts fine and still runs great. I was wondering if any damage to anything could have occured during the flood? And if I choose to have it fixed, (like steam-vac the carpet and all and have the transmission flushed and a good wash & wax) what else should I have done? Also, my insurance company totaled it because of the salt-water being half-way up the wheels and they're offering me more than what I paid for the vehicle. Is it worth it to go and have things repaired, or should I just let the car go? I really like this car, but don't want to spend money to get it fixed now and then have something go wrong a few months down the road due to salt-water damange. I'm just fishing for people's opinions here. What would you guys do?

Thanks alot for your help!

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Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 AT 7:54 PM

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