Mass air flow sensor? Kia Sportage 96'

  • 1996 KIA

I found one of the wires on the plug to the mass air sensor backing out of the plug. It would seem to be the immediate culprit to starting with rough idle and stalling if I try to drive it. So I removed the old plug and installed another from a salvage wreck. To my surprise the wires are a smaller guage but I went ahead and wired the plug in anyways. Its not from a sportage, but i've found several parts are interchangeable on kia and hyundia models.
once I finished reinstalling everything I let the engine idle for a while put in gear and so forth. Finally I took it out around the neighborhood and it did fine. I could detect a slight jumping around in the idle but other wise it seemed fixed. Once I took it out on the road I discovered that I can't use the passing gear to force a downshift. In addition the tranny now shifts to the next higher gear as soon as it is able rather than hold the gear for few seconds as I accelerate. Its in some sort of safe mode. The check engine light is on now for the very first time, and the hold light is flashing. So I went to autozone to have the codes read. It spit out two codes; the first one says that the TPS is not sending a signal to the ECM and therefore the ECM is not communicating throttle position to the tranny computer. The second code tells me that the tranny is not responding back to the ECM; undoubtedly. I replaced the TPS about two months ago. It could be the plug, and I used a meter to check voltage and it seemed alright but not sure what im looking for. I can hold third gear with the hold button and I can get the tranny to downshift as I need it to by shifting it manually. Im thinking that since ive messed with the mass air sensor that its somehow directly related to the signal that the TPS needs to do its job; thus then sending a signal to the ECM. I can't be sure what is causing the problem though. Perhaps the mass air is bad after all? :

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Saturday, July 29th, 2006 AT 10:41 PM

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