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I have a Kia Sorento diesel (I'm residing in Asia) and my car's fan belt just broke. I didn't realise it was broken until I got home. The car felt completely normal to drive until the last 1 kilometre from my house when the engine sounded very strange. I pulled into the drive way and parked the car. When I opened the door I noticed this very strong rubber burning smell. I immediately checked the tires and the under carriage for leaks or damage. There was nothing. I left the car and went into the house. I let the car cool for about 2 hours and went to check on it again. The smell was still there but not quite as obvious as before. I opened the hood to see if there was anything wrong or broken. I started the car and tried to move it out onto the drive way to have a better look (the garage was a bit dark). The car started fine but the brake pedal was very hard and didn't work, the power steering was also dead. On the dash board the battery light came on and the park brake light was also on despite me releasing the park brake.
The engine had a very rough idle and sounded very strange. I noticed that the fan belt had broken.
What are the potential problems that can lead on from this? Is the brake vacuum hose is intact, why did the brake pedal go dead?

Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, August 14th, 2006 AT 8:53 AM

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