2003 Kia



January, 27, 2010 AT 12:29 AM

Noises problem
2003 Other Kia Models 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 90000 miles

I have KIA Joice model 2003. I faced gear shifting ghoon ghoon sound at the speed between 100KMPM to 130KMPM.

There was not problem with my car bu just after the repaiiring my car engine (THey replaced all 8 volves in side the engine) and right after that I notice this problem but before reapiring it was not like that.

I want to mention one important thing I replaced the whole engine and there was no problem. Shifting gears are smooth and no noise but just right after repairing engine I faced the problem again. Please let me know where is the actual problem.

BR Hammad Saeed Lodhi


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