2002 Kia Rio rxv check engine light.

  • 2002 KIA

Okay last week my husband was driving the car and it just died.
had it towed to the shop where they said the timing belt had snapped and did damage. Okay fine.
had belt replaced
2 bent exhaust valves replaced
lube oil and filter
clean cylinder head
and more. Went in 2 days later and had the car "burped".
all of that cost $1900.00

that was 7 days ago.

this morning, I started the car and there was a clicking noise from the engine (hubby said it would go away when the car warmed up). But then the check engine light came on.

any ideas on the cause.

2002 kia rio rxv
161,000 km's
doesn't appear to be any fluid leaks
starts fine (hubby thought maybe it's the battery needing to be replaced)
no problems with tranny.


drove it for about 15 minutes (kid drop off), came home. Left lights on. Car wouldn't start. Got a jump. Check engine light didn't come on anymore for the rest of the day.

what does everyone think? Thanks for your imput.

Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, September 23rd, 2007 AT 1:21 PM

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