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Just had Transmission oil and filter replaced and now it is leaking tranny fluid. This truck has never leaked anything. I took this truck into the dealer to get the brakes fixed and they talked me into getting the transmission fluid changed out. I should have never done that. I have a regular mechanic that has kept all my trucks fluid changed and in good order.

This truck has never leaked anything ever. And the paperwork I got back from the dealership said no leaks detected when I picked it up. When they did the service on the transmission wouldn't they have noticed the torque converter then being "Blue" from it getting to hot? They did a transmission service changing the fluid admitting they dropped the pan and now that I took it back (which was the very next day) because it is now leaking fluid that the torque converter may be gone and they want $1300.00 to go into the tranny to see what is wrong with it. There has never been a problem untill they changed out the fluid it has run solid and I do not have the money to put a new tranny into the truck.

I haven't even had it for a 100,000 miles I bought it used from them with 20K miles on the truck. I spoke to my regular mechanic and he said that it dosen't sound right that if the torque converter looks burned up it would have had not have had enough oil in it. They said the pump in the front of the torque converter could have gone bad. Remeber this truck has ran solid since I got it changing the oils regularly. Now I need a transmission? I think I am getting hosed! Can you help me what do you think and know about torque converters.
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Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 AT 10:35 AM

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This used to happen a lot, but not for the reason you were told. Transmissions haven't used a gasket on their oil pans for a long time. They are sealed with gasket sealer from a tube. Some of those sealers will not bond and seal if there is any hint of transmission fluid or engine oil residue on the sealing surfaces. A leak will result. Every mechanic has run into that at least once. Chrysler came out with a sealer that WILL seal through that residue but the surfaces should still be clean and dry. Other manufacturers have similar products with their own name on them.

Given the fact they removed the pan, in my opinion you got a better service than when they use a machine to flush the transmission but leave the old filter in there. Since you already gave the dealer the chance to recheck their work, which is the proper thing to do, and the results is they either don't want to admit to making a mistake, or there really is something else that occurred, take it to your mechanic you trust for a proper diagnosis. He will wash the area, then watch to see where the fluid is leaking from. I'm going to guess there's a 98 percent chance all that's needed is the pan will have to be resealed. Drive it for a week to be sure there's no more leak or any other problems, then take the bill to the dealership and ask to speak with the service manager. Please be polite. He already has ulcers. He may be totally unaware of the actions of the service writer you already dealt with, and that person is only going by what the mechanic told him. At the dealership I used to work for, they would immediately reimburse you for paying to have their mistake fixed, and they would often give you coupons for free oil changes as a sort of an apology. GM dealerships are usually pretty hard-nosed, and they typically are more concerned with how much money they can get from you now vs. Building a trusting relationship so you'll keep coming back like almost all other manufactures do. They know that if they don't reimburse you for at least part of the cost, the negative word-of-mouth advertising is going to hurt their business but they usually don't think that far ahead.

If there is leakage from the torque converter, my suspicion would be the engine was run too long to perform a flush without transmission fluid in it, and that overheated and melted the front pump seal. That's a very inexpensive part but it requires removal of the transmission to replace it. That's a REAL big job and is why you were quoted so much. $1300.00 isn't nearly enough to replace the whole transmission but it would cover the labor and the torque converter if they were including that. Overheating the seal wouldn't cause damage to the torque converter. If the vehicle still drives and shifts normally, the torque converter is okay and doesn't need to be replaced.
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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 AT 12:54 AM

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