1996 Jeep



January, 14, 2007 AT 2:01 PM

My sons jeep 4.0, had been overheating slightly for what I believe to be several months. It was running rougher than normal, hesitating, etc. Then one morning he went to start it to no avail. His battery must have needed replaced or super charged. Its been replaced. It has recent oil change, coolant level ok. After battery replacement, the vehicle will start, but it won't move.I had him check for water coming from muffler, he said yes to liquid coming from tailpipe. What is he looking at as far as a diagnosis. Headgasket? Catalytic converter? Timing? Please help.I am stumped

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January, 16, 2007 AT 8:04 PM

First off is there a check engine light on? Then will the engine run at all? The over heating could be a head gasket or they had a lot of problems with the radiator fan not working. You can test the fan very easy, start the car and then turn on the defroster this will cause the a/c to come on and the fan will follow. The running bad could be a number of things. If you think it may be a cat. Then try hitting it with the palm of your hand, if it rattles then the cat is bad. The water coming off of the muffler is normal to a point. Some condensation will build up after running, but if there is more than normal amount of water see if it smells like anti-freeze. If so then you have a head gasket that has broke.



January, 23, 2007 AT 8:49 AM

Yes the engine will run. And there is no check engine light.I have also found out from the boy that the issue with the vehicle not moving; he says that when you put the vehicle into gear it doesn't seem to be engaging? That would explain why the jeep isn't moving.

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