2004 Jeep Liberty Cylinders 3 & 5 Mis-firing

  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 152,000 MILES
I recently cracked the head on the right side of my engine and replaced it. After putting about 3000 miles on it, my check engine light came on. I had the diagnostic check ran and it says that cylinders 3 & 5 are mis-firing (which are on the left side). What can I do to fix this. I know that there could be several different problems causing this, but I would like to know what my best course of action would be from here. Thank you.
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Friday, October 1st, 2010 AT 12:43 PM

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There is a PCM flash update for this if it seems to run OK:
FLASH: 3.7L DRIVEABILITY AND OBD II MONITOR IMPROVEMENTS TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Reference Number(s): 18-017-04 REV. A, Date of Issue: June 15, 2004 Superceded Bulletin(s): 18-017-04 Related Ref Number(s): 18-017-04, 18-017-04 REV. A ARTICLE BEGINNING SUBJECT Flash: 3.7L Driveability And OBD II Monitor Improvements OVERVIEW This bulletin involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) with new software. MODELS **2004 (AN) Dakota** **2004 (DR) Ram Truck** 2004 (KJ) Liberty / Cherokee SYMPTOM/CONDITION This bulletin addresses one or more of the following conditions: Press Ctrl+F to find exact text GROUP: Vehicle Performance NOTE: THIS BULLETIN SUPERSEDES SERVICE BULLETIN 18-017-04, DATED APRIL 20, 2004. ALL REVISIONS ARE HIGHLIGHTED WITH **ASTERISKS** AND INCLUDES ADDITIONAL MODELS. NOTE: THE SOFTWARE WILL BE AVAILABLE ON TechCONNECT ON JUNE 15, 2004 AND FOR MARKETS OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, THE SOFTWARE AND REPROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON ITIL/ISIS DVD AUGUST 2004. NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with a 3.7L engine (sales code EKG) and built on or prior to the following dates for each respective model: Dakota (AN) built on or prior to April 20, 2004 (MDH 0420XX), Liberty/Cherokee (KJ) built on or prior to April 01, 2004 (MDH 0401XX), or Ram Truck (DR) built on or prior to April 13, 2004 (MDH 0413XX). 1. Driveability (All Domestic and International Markets) A. Eliminates stumble and hesitation when shifting between gears aggressively (this condition applies only to KJ with manual transmission). 2. OBD II Monitor Improvement (All Domestic Markets and ONLY International Markets with OBD II Monitors - Europe) A. Erroneous DTC P0116 - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit Performance. B. Erroneous DTC's related to the Misfire Monitor. C. Erroneous DTC's related to the Oxygen Sensor Upstream or Downstream Monitors. D. Erroneous DTC's related to the Fuel System Upstream or Downstream Monitors. DIAGNOSIS Using a Scan Tool (DRBIII(R)) with TechCONNECT or the appropriate Diagnostic Procedures Manual, verify all engine systems are functioning as designed. If DTCs are present record them on the repair order and repair as necessary before proceeding further with this bulletin. If the vehicle operator describes or experiences one or more of the above conditions perform the Repair Procedure. PARTS REQUIRED PARTS INFORMATION SPECIAL TOOLS/EQUIPMENT REQUIRED NPN Battery Charger CH2002 General Purpose Interface Bus Cable Assembly CH6000A Scan Tool (DRBIII(R)) CH7000A J1962 Cable with red DRBIII(R) connector TechCONNECT PC REPAIR PROCEDURE Qty. Part No. Description 1 04275086AB Label, Authorized Modification NOTE: An updated J1962 cable has been released. This cable has a red colored connector at the DRBIII(R) connection. Use this cable whenever a flash is being performed. NOTE: If vehicle is a DAKOTA, then the ABS CAB module connector MUST be disconnected prior to performing this Repair Procedure. The CAB module and the PCM are connected at the same diagnostic connector pin (Pin #9). Turn ignition switch to the OFF position, disconnect the CAB module connector, and reprogram the PCM per the Repair Procedure. When reprogramming is complete turn the ignition switch 1. Before beginning the reprogramming procedure, remove any old flash reprogramming files from the DRBIII(R) memory. To clear the memory from the MAIN MENU power up the DRBIII(R) and then: A. Simultaneously press the "MORE" and "YES" keys. B. A screen will appear requesting a "COLD BOOT". C. Follow the on screen instructions by selecting the "F4" key. D. When the DRB III(R) reboots to the MAIN MENU, proceed to Step #2. 2. With the ignition switch in the "RUN" position, determine the original part number of the PCM currently in the vehicle. Using the DRBIII(R) select: A. "DRBIII(R) Standalone" B. "1998 - 2004 Diagnostics" C. "All (Except Below)" D. "Engine" E. "Module Display" F. Record the "PCM part #" on the repair order for later reference. 3. Connect the DRBIII(R) to TechCONNECT. Open TechTOOLS and verify that the "DRBIII(R) Status: Connected" message is in the upper right corner of the TechTOOLS screen. 4. Enter the "PCM part #" recorded in Step #2 in the "Parts Criteria" area and select "Show Updates". TechTOOLS will populate the appropriate calibration. 5. Select the calibration. 6. Select the "DRBIII" radio button which is next to the "Download/Update" button. 7. Select the "Download/Update" button. 8. Monitor the "Flash Download/Update Progress" window on the TechCONNECT and follow the instructions on TechCONNECT. When the flash process is complete, proceed to Step #9. 9. Disconnect the DRBIII(R) from TechCONNECT. 10. Open the hood, install a battery charger and verify battery state is above 12.5 volts. 11. Connect the DRBIII(R) to the vehicle. 12. Download the flash from the DRBIII(R) to the vehicle. Using the DRBIII(R) select: A. "Vehicle Flash" B. Follow the directions on the DRBIII(R) screen. When the flash process is complete, proceed to Step #13. To the OFF position, connect the CAB module connector, and then check for any erroneous DTC's. If the PCM becomes "locked" during reprogramming because the ABS CAB module connector was not disconnected, then the PCM may be recovered by following the procedure in this NOTE. NOTE: Whenever a controller is programmed, the software in the DRBIII(R); must be programmed with the latest revision level available. NOTE: If this flash process is interrupted/aborted, the flash should be restarted and then follow the directions on the DRBIII(R). 13. Type the necessary information on the "Authorized Modification Label" p/n 04275086AB and attach near the VECI label ( Fig. 1 ). Fig. 1: Authorized Modification Label POLICY Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty. TIME ALLOWANCE TIME ALLOWANCE FAILURE CODE FM Flash Module NOTE: Due to the PCM programming procedure, a DTC may be set in other modules (TCM, PCM, BCM, MIC, SKIM, etc.) Within the vehicle, if so equipped. Some DTC's may cause the MIL to illuminate. Check all modules using "Module Scan", record the DTC's, and erase these DTC's prior to returning the vehicle to the customer. Erase any DTC's in the PCM only after all other modules have had their DTC's erased. NOTE: The following step is required by law. Labor Operation No. Description Amount 08-19-35-97 Reprogram Powertrain Control Module 0.8 Hrs.
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