1999 Jeep Laredo over heating/ transmision problems/check e

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Engine Cooling problem
1999 Jeep Laredo 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 105000 miles

so iam completly lost I have called 6 other techs and none of us know what the problem is will start with about 2 weeks ago my boss daughters jeep came to me it was overheating. But drove fine I pulled the ratator it was blown apart on the trans cooler side so I changed that and the waterpump and thermostat all at once she drove the car for 2 weeks and no problems no over heating or anything. Also as a note the old radiator fluid that came outa the car on the first inccodent was clear and nothing unusawell about it. So I get to the car today on the hiway and pull the radiator cap off and there was a tan color to the collent so I left the cap off and started driving it back to my shop no problems untill I was about a mile from the shop and the transmission started slipping very badly the car wouldnt move till about 3500 rpms so I got it back to the shop and started to get into it SO HERES WERE THE BIG PROBLEMS ALL START! I was reving the motor to try to get it to heat up and noticed it will shoot coolint about a foot high outa the radiator?Then I had to move the car. Now it wont move at all in reverse and slips very bad in drive, also I noticed the check engine lite was on I scanned it no codes and no pending codes so I erased it and let the car idel for about 5 min and it came back on. Agine no codes no pending codes so I decide to pull the collent temp sensor and tps sensor outve it to see if it trew codes and it did instintly. Any idea on how all this could happen at once?

Do you
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Monday, August 9th, 2010 AT 4:30 PM

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