2002 Jeep Cherokee



January, 20, 2010 AT 5:09 AM

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2002 Jeep Cherokee V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 152000 miles

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.7 with all time quardra drive
I" ve had a vibration for a couple of years. You can feel this when you accelerate quickly even more. Recent tires. Recently I changed the front rotors, pads, hubs. Since then I get a clunk at slow speeds when turning and occassionally the front wheel feels like it's hopping. I then changed both front cv axle shafts and the same conditions occur. The front yoke and driveshaft/ujoints have been checked recently and are fine. As I stated before the change I just had the vibration, now after all the parts replaced I have an annoying clunk. Would have done nothing and traded it in if I knew a clunk was coming. Doesn't do it if your in park and turn the wheel. Only at slow speeds especially if your turning (both in forward and reverse)


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