2001 Jeep Cherokee Turn Signals not working

  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 116,000 MILES
I just replaced the flasher (looks like a plug with five prongs, left of steering column) as I was advised and my signals are still not working.

My hazards are working fine as always. My signal arm clicks into place and releases when I complete a turn as it should but the signals do not function.

What should my next step be for troubleshooting and does anyone have any ideas as to what part I need to replace?
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Saturday, September 18th, 2010 AT 5:50 PM

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See my profile, As you can see, I am a CJ Jeep Kinda Guy.I keep up other family members/ friends rigs too.

This is my HOBBY.I do not get paid as the Certified Fellers here do.

I was told by one of the BIG GUYS here, that my answers are sorta sound (CJ 5 & CJ 7, Answers are EXCELLENT, By my standards anyway, see my profile and "Votes"). Therefore my "NEW TITLE"."HELPER" (they pinned on me, denotes that I am not a Total Idiot. On Vehiculer Knowledge!). The other bonus I always try to give is : "More Personalized Answers"

I can troubleshoot well, but I do not know your rig very well at all.

If it were, the rig (Ford Escape) belonging to the "Evil Female" which tricked me into a hitch-up!

I would grab the owners manual 1st and locate ALL fuse locations (there may be several)

I would look at the diagrams in it and find anything related to a TURN SIGNAL and sorta PRE-FIND the fuse(s) in the book (keeps you from standing on your head!)

Don't just look at the fuse in its holder, pull it and look at it.2 reasons:

A) Sometimes its hard to see the burned wire in it.

B) If it was not blown. If it were slightly corroded or loose. This may give it a better connection when you reinstall it (I usually pull them in and out several times to "Scrape it Clean", before I put it back permanently. (Jeeps in H2O, get corrosion in the fuse boxes)

Another possibility may be that your "Switch Itself", is internally worn/broke/loose connection

A manual for your rig (about $30) could offer some troubleshooting tips (everybody ought to have one!)

If FUNDAGE is a key problem, as with me sometimes, I can offer a few "COUNTRY-BOY" Frugal outlets you might could use to "EASE THE PAIN" and get you repaired.

Respond below with good news!

Then make me out.A "SAINT" in "FEEDBACK"

Or come back and we will try some more!

Remember, I do not have a manual for yours--you should get one and keep it in your rig for emergencies.

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Sunday, September 19th, 2010 AT 12:22 AM

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