2001 Jeep Cherokee Replace radiator

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Engine Cooling problem
2001 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 82647 miles

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee that has unusual wing brackets that protrude 3 inches out to the side and attach to the frame. There is also the power steering housing that protrudes toward the right front (driver's side) along the frame. To remove my old leaking radiator, I was forced to cut the wing brackets that anchor the radiator (the corners curve inward) and also had to cut the lower discharge hose on the radiator in order to clear the steering wheel housing. After removing the fan shroud with cooling fan, I am still unable to fit-in the new radiator due to the protruding steering wheel housing. The lower radiator hose connection protrudes approximately 1 1/4" past the steering wheel housing preventing me from sliding the radiator straight down. The winged brackets already makes a tight squeeze even pushing straight down and angling the radiator toward the front. The new radiator looks identical to the original factory installed radiator.

Questions: Do I have to remove the steering wheel housing (anchored by four bolts on the frame)? Is there another way to get the radiator in--short of cutting and bending the top frame. Should the front bumper be removed to slide the radiator up from underneath the car? How do professionals deal with this problem?

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Friday, April 2nd, 2010 AT 5:16 AM

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See my profile. I am a CJ kinda guy, and a unpaid member like you. I do not know your rig well enough to throw quick, fix it now, answers at you.

Maybe one of the others will know your fix better than I do, and jump in to help.

I saw your question had been idle for a while, and I thought maybe you might take my advice and have a wonderful investment that might help you now and in the future.

I know you are looking for a quick answer so that you may continue on with your repair!

It is most unfortunate that I can't be there to assist you, even with no reference literature, I am very mechanical.

I do not believe the "maker" of your radiator intended for it to be chopped up, to remove it or install it.

This is not a TV commercial, and I am not a "Pitch Man"

I recieved my "Rear Lawn Mechanics License" using these, and I still continue to use them.

A MANUAL will serve you well now and Later, Read thru it like a novel 1st time out, use it like a dictionary, thereafter.

Good stuff like: TROUBLESHOOTING, when and how to do SCHEDULED MAINTENECE.

How to tear the entire vehicle down, and put it back togetherSTEP X STEP ! ! !a KEEPER...always in your rig for emergencies.

It never forgets steps (as I, sometimes do), It gives you safety precautions also.

ALL OF THIS FOR ABOUT $30, for your specific year and model.....At your local parts store! ....You're gonna be there anyway!

If you take my advice now, only for a limited time, we'll throw in a Jeep Smile absolutly Free !

Let me know if this stuff I'm shoveling, helped you at all.

Love, Turddog



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Friday, April 2nd, 2010 AT 8:13 PM

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