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Shakes or Wobbles problem
1997 Jeep Cherokee V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 107000 miles

I was driving back from St. Louis to Texas when I stopped to get gas, as I approached a stop sign my front end started shaking severely I thought I had a flat on my front drivers side. It was late at night so I had to continue to drive to get closer to home. The next morning I stopped at a station and the mechanic test drove my car, he seemed to think it was my shock. He didn't speak english very well so I decided to head home. I had to work and when I drove it again I noticed a lot of noise and the shaking is really bad when I turn the car to the left. It seems like something is knocking on metal. I looked under my car and noticed on the inside of the wheel the metal is bent where the brake drum is but I don't know if that could be the problem. The shaking does get better at high speeds and much worse at lower speeds.

Monday, November 10th, 2008 AT 11:23 AM

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