1996 Jeep Cherokee UPDATE!

Transmission problem
1996 Jeep Cherokee V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic

UPDATE:Replaced transmission cooler and that didnt do it. Once it got warm it was back to not want to shift at all. The lines to the cooler are not warm. Just a thought. If the lines are cool does that mean that the fluid isnt getting past the filter? Also, if it isnt getting past the filter could that mean that if the filter is clogged could it be from a transmission that is falling to pieces internally?

Hi, I have a serious issue. My Jeep Grand Cherokee is doing something really strange. When started after sitting for a length of time the Jeep starts and runs great. But if its a hot day and the engine gets hot the jeep will not shift into any gear or reverse. If I let it sit for a length of time and cool off it will shift fine until it gets warm again. Will changing the Speed control unit fix it or could it be any other sensor or am I in for a world of hurt with a whole new tranny as I have been told? Please help I just recently moved to Florida so I have no trustworthy repair men and would like to be armed when I go in to a shop. ONE other thing. My coolant sensor bad keeps flashing on the display in front of the center console. Does that have anything to do with it. I was told that its been replaced and its just a typical issue with that year. HELP I am so hosed.

Has this happened to anyone else or is this just a once ever happening?

Also, If I use my auto headlights they only turn on the running lights and not the headlights. My head lights work fine when I turn them on manually.

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Friday, April 4th, 2008 AT 7:48 PM

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Has the trans ever been serviced? Try that first, a dirty/plugged filter can do what you are describing. Has the coolant sensor been repalced? If so, may need to do a wiring check to the PCM (computer) to be sure the wires are good. The headlights could be the light sensor on top of the dash, be sure nothing is blocking it and that it is clean (use alcohol and q-tip)
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Sunday, April 6th, 2008 AT 8:20 AM

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