1996 Jeep Cherokee

  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 16,300 MILES
I have a 1996 Jeep grand Cherokee. I have just had the radiator replaced. I've also had new spark plugs and wires put in. I also just had the catalytic converter replace. I'm still hvaing the same problem. My jeep will just stop on me in the middle of the road, while im driving. When I stop the vehicle, sometime sit will not start up again. It takes sometimes 10 minutes beofre it will start again. Also when this happening and I try and start my jeep it will turn over and try and crank. My gas mileage also sucks. I go through half a tank in almost 3 days. I barely drive the vehicle. I am just very frustrated and tired of different mechanics telling me different things. Please Help me.
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Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 AT 5:25 PM

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See my profile, I'm not familiar with your rig, but my wife has a Ford Escape........and I am also the one when family and friends call on when trouble arises.

My vehicles are Jeeps.....'46 Willys and '77 CJ 5....no computers

I do know a little about these newer computer cars, and I find out more and more as they hit me with challenges!....I have to learn!

I am not a Certified Mechanic....a member like you, whom the "BIG GUYS" have now given me the title above....."Car Repair Helper"......'cause I try to help out alot and try to stay within my limits.

Is your check engine light on?

Either answer...Take it to Autozone or Advance Auto......They can RETRIEVE CODES....sometimes STORED CODES......this may help your "DYING ISSUE" and maybe your MILAGE ISSUE

Once the codes are found they can usually tell you what to do or buy.......sometimes they will help you install it!.......Almost like having a FREE MECHANIC!

Now without coding.....strictly my "HYPOTHESIS"

The DYING THING, may be the crankshaft sensor----or Ignition module (later is probably in your distributor)

The milage thing could be a number of factors, O2 sensor(s) being one of them....you may have several on your rig.....parts store guys can tell you.

If you would just come off of $30, A manual can help you WAY BETTER THAN ME!......It has TROUBLESHOOTING....Testing....Repairing....all in steps.....MILAGE TIPS......LOTS MORE!....Thats the way I do these, I work on......I require my family and friends to get a MANUAL specific to their year and model, so I will have a reference.......READ IT THRU!.....Get it while at the parts store.

This is my "WILLY", "HE" is a 1946 Willys....no computer....like working on a lawnmower!


Please respond with good news.....or codes that we can diagnose by!

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Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 AT 11:03 PM

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