1996 Jaguar XJ6


96 Jaguar xj6

April, 22, 2010 AT 11:52 PM

Transmission problem
1996 Jaguar XJ6 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

I just replaced the shift selector on a newly purchased XJ6 (old one had the Park interlock ripped out, allowing shifter to get out of park at any time). Everything seemed to worked ok after changeover, started Jag and drove it into the garage.

Next day, tried to start it, got an transmission failure light and check engine light, with no crank. Installed battery was the wrong size and 7 yrs old so I replaced it with a new 49 group battery. Still failure
lights and no crank.

Started the engine by jumping the started relay, but then it would drive only in limp-home mode. Shifting from Park to Reverse gave a hard lurch. Park solenoid and park micro-switch working fine. No Red light shift position indicators on J selector.

Need help and advice on adjusting the transmission cable to at the shifter to remove the fault light and transmission to work again.

Thanks for any assistance.


1 Answer


Dave H

April, 24, 2010 AT 3:54 AM

Position vehicle over lift. Open center console, and remove ashtray. Disconnect sport mode switch from harness. Remove console panel and spacers. Position shift selector lever in Neutral. Loosen front and rear adjustment lock nuts to end of threads.
Raise and support vehicle. From below vehicle, remove selector cable ball pin-to-selector lever securing nut. Remove ball pin from selector lever. Ensuring selector is in Neutral, install ball pin to selector lever. Tighten selector lever nut to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .
Lower vehicle. Adjust selector cable nuts so selector lever freely engages Neutral position notch. Tighten front and rear lock nuts. Ensure washer tabs are engaged in bracket. Install console panel and spacers. Install selector. Connect harness to mode switch, and install switch. Install ashtray.
All models are equipped with a shift interlock system. Transmission shift lever can only be moved from Park position if ignition is on (position II) and brake pedal is depressed. System testing is not available from manufacturer. If system does not function properly, check power and ground circuits. See Fig. 6 and Fig. 7 . If no problem is found, check for open and short circuits. Repair as necessary.
Fig. 6: Shift Interlock System Wiring Diagram (1995-96 XJ6)


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