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1995 Jaguar XJ6

Ive had this Jaguar for a year now and on a couple occasions when you go to start it you turn the key and all that will happen is a click. Put it in neutral and again just a click. The click sounds like its coming from, what I would think, is the selenoid on the starter. In the past I have tapped the starter and within a couple minutes of it not starting it will.

Last Friday I came out of a store and it would only click. I could not do anything so I got a ride and came back the next morning only to have the car start fine. I then drove it (on and off) to a few places until monday afternoon when the same problem happened again. It is now Thursday and the car still only clicks.

Upon asking others I have done and checked a few things.

Battery is fully charged and getting good contact. Plus the car has been a AZ car its whole like so no rust issues.

I was told if the brake light switch is bad it will do this, check that and its fine.

I also have been told it could be the neutral safety switch but where is it located and what kinda part number does it have.

Here is the other thing. I have an identical, front end hit, 95 Jaguar parts car so I can grab whatever is needed off that but kinda need to know what direction to go in.

Thanks in advance. Donation could be forthcoming

Thursday, January 14th, 2010 AT 11:36 AM

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Seems faulty solenoid and or armeture I'd hang a starter on it

Was this
Thursday, January 14th, 2010 AT 12:35 PM

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