It won't start for no apparent reason

Ibought a car a week ago from a dealer it was a Volkswagen golf 05 plate. For no apparent reason it will not start so called the dealer he gave me a time on two occasions but Failed to turn up on both. I now got a new time n date. I spoke to the dealer and he is saying he will only cover the engine, gearbox and clutch but no electrical problems. The car is parked outside my house and won't start if I have to tow the car to a garage from my house who is responsible for the bill? Your answer please. Thank you
khan - 20-Aug-15 @ 1:26 PM
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Thursday, August 20th, 2015 AT 5:38 AM

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Reputable used car dealers usually give you a partial warranty to help you out if an unknown problem develops. Typically they will pay half the bill which actually means you're paying their actual cost of parts and labor and no more. They don't make a profit on the repair, and they lose because the mechanic is tied up on your car when he could have been making money on another job. The dealer loses in the long run, but they do that as a customer satisfaction issue.

Things get sticky when the problem is electrical in nature. There is so much over-use of unneeded technology that it is pretty certain you're going to have problems. There's no way anyone can foresee what is going to go wrong, so the best they can do is sell you a car with everything working. After that. You as the owner should be responsible for any diagnosis and repairs. The dealer didn't do anything wrong, and they didn't sell you a car with a defect.

You also have to be more specific than "doesn't start". That can mean a few different things. Failure of the starter to crank the engine is often referred to as "doesn't start". That's not the same thing as when the starter cranks the engine but the engine won't run. You could have nothing more than a loose or corroded battery cable connection. Have you even checked anything?

You are responsible for getting the car to the repair shop, so you would be expected to pay for a tow truck Some dealers have their own tow trucks and they often will tow in a vehicle you recently bought from them, but they do that as a courtesy, not because they're required to.
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