1998 Isuzu Rodeo Question Hard starting, lack of power, high

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Engine Performance problem
1998 Isuzu Rodeo Question 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

My check engine light is on, I scanned w/ OBD2 and got these codes - P0171, P0174, P1171, P0157, P0102. I checked vacuum (20 inches ), looked for any leaks, by spraying carb cleaner, around intake and injectors, I tried replacing TPS and IAC, but when I installed these the vehicle ran the same if not worse. I have replaced fuel regulater, fuel filter, air filter, EGR valve (cleaned EGR tubes ), PCV, MAP sensor, cleaned MASS w/ MASS cleaner (filaments are still good). It's like when you shut down the fuel does not stay in fuel rail or lines, it turns over like if it ran out of gas every time you shut it down. When it does start it idles high from 1200 going up to 2500rpm's (unless you disconnect battery then it idles at 800 and runs good for about 15 miles then MIL light comes back on and runs bad again). I was thinking maybe the problem is the computer, can this be reset if this is the problem?

Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, June 5th, 2010 AT 1:14 PM

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