Squeak in rear of truck


I have a odd issue. I currently have a 1998 isuzu pickup hombre 2.2 L 150000 miles. The truck seems to run fine once it gets going but when I slow down sometimes which is getting more frequent there is a squeaking noise comeing from the rear of the pickup. But only when I am running slow 5-15 mph can you hear it at higher speeds the squeak dissappears. The truck then runs fine until I slow down and then the squaek reappears in the back of the truck it mostly happands when I am in gear I do not hear it when the truck is coasting slow. Just seems to happen when I am in gear. I was wondering if it was the brakes I would think it would make the noise no matter if it was in gear or not would any one have any suggestions or ideas on what it could be. Unrelated to the squeak the truck seems to be getting harder to start then it use to even after changeing oil out it seems to take the starter which is still original more time to turn the engine over no lights on dash just seems hesitant even on warm days. Or if has been tunred on and off several time due to short trips. Could this be a related issue? Thanks for anyones help or feedback on this is much appreciated thanks you

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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007 AT 9:13 AM

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