Isuzu O2 Sensor and Oil Leak Problem


1997 Isuzu Oasis, 117,000 miles, 4 cylinder
I have the above vehicle. Isuzu recently issued a warranty letter on the emissions system that said my car was covered for 14 years or 150,000. Most dealers are not aware of this warranty extension. Just before receiving that letter, my check engine light had come on. The vehicle was still running great. I took into the local Isuzu dealer. He did all the warranty work: new spark plugs, new plug wires, new rotor head, new cap assembly, new O2 sensor, new ignitor switch and a free oil change. Not bad! They said the engine check light code was 'unknown'. Three months later, the engine check light is back on. It is still running great. I take it in to the same dealer. He tells me that the code indicates I need a new fuel pump. I ask him how that can be when it is running so good. No good answer. I decline the work. I take it into a local shop. They tell me it is showing, "current code P0171 system too lean bank 1 pending code P0170 fuel trim malfunction bank 1" The technician says that the O2 sensor seems to be dead and that I should take it back to the dealer for the warranty work on the O2 sensor. Trying to avoid the dealer that wanted to sell me a new fuel pump, I take it to another Isuzu dealer, 55 miles away. He tells me that there is an oil leak from an O-ring at the back of the engine where the O2 wires come out and that oil is getting into the O2 sensor and causing it to go dead. The o-ring is a $7 part that will take about 2 hours and $150 to fix. Of course the O2 sensor is warranty work and is free. I have taken it back to my local repair shop and the technician tells me that he does not see any appreciable amount of oil on the wires from the seal and that he does not think that is the problem... He thinks that the dealer is creating work. I also wonder how oil is getting into the O2 sensor. The dealer's story seems kind of wild. I need the O2 sensor fixed and the Isuzu list price is $224.85 for just the part. Is the dealer being honest with me or just trying to make a few extra bucks while performing the warranty work. I avoided the dealer wanting to replace my fuel pump. Should I avoid this dealer wanting to replace my O-ring?

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Monday, October 15th, 2007 AT 10:24 PM

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