2 Troopers Stop Starting


Isuzu Trooper 2000
Isuzu Trooper 1996

2000 - 40000 miles
1996 - 80000 Miles

2000 - 3.2
1996 - 3.2L V6

2000 - Automatic
1996 - Manual

Both vehicles first the 2000 then 1996 won't start. First the 2000 the last time it started was cranking very slow. So I turned it off and next nothing. The battery terminal was corroded. I cleaned it up and still nothing. I went and got 2 new batteries one for each Trooper. The 2000 still would not start just a clicking noise. After replacing the battery in the 1996 a few days later I went to start and nothing but click. I don’t know the odds of 2 starters going at the same time but if anyone has other suggestions before replacing the starters please tell. I know its not an easy job.



Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, November 26th, 2007 AT 8:40 AM

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