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Transmission problem
1993 Isuzu Amigo 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 148k miles

I have an Amigo XS, with a small history of problems. But more recently it's the transmission. I've had an ongoing battle with it. My first problem was a few years ago when the clutch stuck to the ground, i had the rod to the master cylinder replaced. Then last year it began slipping, But only when it was running hot. I had the flywheel replaced and the transmission adjusted, but i can't say if it was a pro job, since it wasn't warrantied. The problems went away. but then during the winter it started again. By the way I live in Chicago, IL. It runs fine on a cold start, but after i drive for a while and stop at say the store, when i start it back up, the clutch slips. i have to pull out slowly for it to catch. It only does it when the car warms up and i've driven a while. And my 4wd lo is not engaging only 4wd hi. I'm not a mechanic, but i know that's not normal. In addition, i might be over analyzing, but the clutch feels harder. there's really no free play, it's hard like it's not hydraulic, but i think it is, because there's a master cylinder that i fill a reservoir for. I'm trying to learn as much as possible so i can fix the car myself, or atleast know what needs to be done when i go to a shop. I have a repair manual. I really need some guidance.

I was also looking into a complete overhaul, nothing extreme like off-road. Just great performance, like an engine swap for a 6-cyl. Or atleast an upgrade or adjustments to the in-line 4 i have to keep it running cool in the summer, it tends to overheat and i have to run the heater to bring down the temp.

Plus the back end is low, so i heard putting in leaf springs from a Rodeo would help jack it up to a nice height. I want it level or a little higher in the rear. Is it possible, or do i need aftermarket.



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Friday, March 26th, 2010 AT 11:17 PM

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