1996 Infiniti G20 Car won't start

  • 1996 INFINITI G20

Electrical problem
1996 Infiniti G20 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 190000 miles

Its not a 96 engine though. When I bought the car he told me it was rebuilt and I know hes telling the truth because I bought a OBD 2 tester and it wouldn't fit. I figure the engine is probably like a 93. The problem I am having is about two weeks ago I cut the car off then tried to crank it and it wouldn't crank it would take 2-3 hrs usually like something had to cool down. My mechanic told me probably starter but then we checked the battery and it was almost dead so I installed a new one but it had the post on different sides so the neg cable didn't reach. So he regrounded it to the firewall ground near the air filter he still left it grounded to the engine block. Some how it blew 2 fuses one was the engine control 1 fuse and the other was the dome light fuse. We replaced those and since the new battery sat out in the cold we jumped it off. The car started right up. Then we cut it off and tried to crank it. Nothing happened nothing. He said he thinks its a sensor but I have unhooked most of them and tried to crank it and nothing like the crank sensor. I am lost. One min the car runs the next nothing. It has to clicks one coming from the abs on the firewall and the other from the fuse box. He said all this is normal. I am thinking whatever was overheating two weeks ago finally went out and now my car won't start at all. He said its not the starter that its not even clicking. He said something is preventing it from getting power to start. Please help I have tried everything and even bought the OBD2 TESTER and it didn't fit. I don't know how to check my ecu or where its located to get the code. I was told many things to try and do and have done them all. He is a ASE mechanic and is lost. Would a sensor cause the car not to crank? Also since he rerouted the ground would that effect it. Does the neg cable have to be grounded in its original location to work. Thanks a head of time for your help

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 AT 5:05 AM

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