1996 Infiniti G20



January, 15, 2009 AT 2:33 PM

1996 Infiniti G20 4 cyl Automatic 80,129 miles

I cannot get my trunk open - not with the manual door release, nor the remote, and not even the key! The valet lock in the glove compartment is off. The dealer said the trunk release (or some similar word) was broken, that they would have to break in and replace the broken and damaged parts (for over $350.00!). I have tried removing the back of the back seat, but haven't found a release which would allow for removal. Would that help anyway? Is there anything I could physically do from the inside? Anything you could do to help would be appreciated. Once I get in, what actual part do I need to replace? Thanks very much!

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May, 25, 2009 AT 7:58 PM

Wow. $350 is big. I think you can score a part lower than that and just fix it on your own.

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