Ignition cylinder and key

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The original key was lost (for 10 minutes) and my son stuck a screwdriver in cylinder. I got an aftermarket cylinder and key. The starter will turn over but motor will not continue to run. I have tried bumping the starter then leave key in on position for ten. Minutes the turn key to off position for ten seconds and bump starter then leave key in on position again for ten minutes turn to off position for ten seconds sand bump. Starter again then waited ten more min put key in off position for twenty seconds then try to start. No luck. Any suggestions?
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Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 AT 2:01 PM

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You need a factory key with the chip and then program it

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The key had no chip silly
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Bulletin No: 10-00-89-010B

Date: November 13, 2012

Subject: Key Code Security Rules and Information on GM KeyCode Look-Up Application (Canada Only)

2013 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Trucks
This bulletin has been created to address potential issues and questions regarding KeyCode security. This bulletin should be read by all parties involved in KeyCode activity, including dealer operator, partner security coordinator, sales, service and parts departments. A copy of this bulletin should be printed and maintained in the parts department for use as a reference.
This bulletin is being revised to add the 2013 model year and update the dealer support phone number. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 10-00-89-010A (Section 00 - General Information).
U.S. Dealers should refer to the latest version of Corporate Bulletin Number 10-00-89-009.
Where Are Key Codes Located?

General Motors provides access to KeyCodes through three sources when a vehicle is delivered to a dealer. Vehicle KeyCodes are located on the original vehicle invoice to the dealership. There is a small white bar coded tag sent with most new vehicles that also has the key code printed on it. Dealerships should make a practice of comparing the tag's keycode numbers to the keycode listed on the invoice. Any discrepancy should be reported immediately to the GM of Canada Dealer Systems Support. Remember to remove the key tag prior to showing vehicles to potential customers. The third source for Key codes is through the GM KeyCode Look-Up feature within the OEConnection D2DLink application. KeyCode Look-Up currently goes back 17 previous model years from the current model year.

When a vehicle is received by the dealership, care should be taken to safeguard the original vehicle invoice and KeyCode tag provided with the vehicle. Potential customers should not have access to the invoice or this KeyCode tag prior to the sale being completed. After a sale has been completed, the KeyCode information belongs to the customer and General Motors.

Only the original invoice contains key code information, a re-printed invoice does not.
GM KeyCode Look-Up Application for GM of Canada Dealers

All dealers should review the General Motors of Canada KeyCode Look-Up Policies and Procedures (Service Policy & Procedures Manual Section 3.2.5 "Replacement of VIN Plates & Labels & Keys").

Please note that the KeyCode Access site is restricted. Only authorized users should be using this application. Please see your Parts Manager for site authorized users. KeyCode Look-Up currently goes back 17 years from current model year.

Important notes about security:

- Users may not access the system from multiple computers simultaneously.
- Users may only request one KeyCode at a time.
- KeyCode information will only be available on the screen for 2 minutes.
- Each user is personally responsible for maintaining and protecting their password.
- Never share your password with others.
- User Id's are suspended after 6 consecutive failed attempts.
- User Id's are disabled if not used for 90 days.
- Processes must be in place for regular dealership reviews.
- The Parts Manager (or assigned management) must have processes in place for employee termination or life change events. Upon termination individuals access must be turned off immediately and access should be re-evaluated upon any position changes within the dealership.
- If you think your password or ID security has been breached, contact Dealer Systems Support.
Each user will be required to accept the following agreement each time the KeyCode application is used.

Key Code User Agreement

- Key codes are proprietary information belonging to General Motors Corporation and to the vehicle owner.
- Unauthorized access to, or use of, key code information is unlawful and may subject the user to criminal and civil penalties.
- This information should be treated as strictly confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone unless authorized.
I will ensure that the following information is obtained prior to releasing any Key Code information:

1. Government issued picture ID (Drivers License)
2. Registration or other proof of ownership. Registration should have normal markings from the Province that issued the registration and possibly the receipt for payment recorded as well.

- GM takes this agreement seriously. Each user must be certain of vehicle ownership before giving out key codes.
- When the ownership of the vehicle is in doubt, dealership personnel should not provide the information.
- Key code requests should never be received via a fax or the internet and key codes should never be provided to anyone in this manner. A face to face contact with the owner of the vehicle is the expected manner that dealers will use to release a key code or as otherwise stipulated in this bulletin or other materials.
- Key codes should NEVER be sent via a fax or the internet.
- Each Dealership should create a permanent file to document all KeyCode Look Up transactions. Requests should be filed by VIN and in each folder retain copies of the following:
- Government issued picture ID (Drivers License)
- Registration or other proof of ownership.
- Copy of the paid customer receipt which has the name of the employee who cut and sold the key to the customer.
- Do not put yourself or your Dealership in the position of needing to "explain" a KeyCode Look Up to either GM or law enforcement officials.
- Dealership Management has the ability to review all KeyCode Look-Up transactions.
- Dealership KeyCode documentation must be retained for two years.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for GM of Canada Dealers

How do I request a KeyCode for customer owned vehicle that is not registered?

Scrapped, salvaged or stored vehicles that do not have a current registration should still have the ownership verified by requesting the vehicle title, current insurance policy and / or current lien holder information from the customers financing source. If you cannot determine if the customer is the owner of the vehicle, do not provide the key code information. In these cases, a short description of the vehicle (scrapped, salvaged, etc.) And the dealership location should be kept on file. Any clarifying explanation should be entered into the comments field.

How do I document a KeyCode request for a vehicle that is being repossessed?

The repossessor must document ownership of the vehicle by providing a court ordered repossession order and lien-holder documents prior to providing key code information. Copies of the repossessors Drivers License and a business card should be retained by the dealership for documentation.

What do I do if the registration information is locked in the vehicle?

Every effort should be made to obtain complete information for each request. Each Dealership will have to decide on a case by case basis if enough information is available to verify the customer's ownership of the vehicle. Other forms of documentation include vehicle title, insurance policy, and or current lien information from the customers financing source. Dealership Management must be involved in any request without complete information. If you cannot determine if the customer is the owner of the vehicle, do not provide the key code information.

Can I get a print out of the information on the screen?

It is important to note that the Key Code Look Up Search Results contain sensitive and/or proprietary information. For this reason GM recommends against printing it. If the Search Results must be printed, store and/or dispose of the printed copy properly to minimize the risk of improper or illegal use.

Who in the dealership has access to the KeyCode application?

Dealership Parts Manager (or assigned management) will determine, and control, who is authorized to access the KeyCode Look Up application. However, we anticipate that dealership parts and service management will be the primary users of the application. The KeyCode Look Up application automatically tracks each user activity session. Information tracked by the system includes: User name, User ID, all other entered data and the date/time of access.

What if I input the VIN incorrectly?

If an incorrect VIN is entered into the system (meaning that the system does not recognize the VIN or that the VIN has been entered incorrectly) the system will return an error message.

If I am an authorized user for the KeyCode application, can I access the application from home?


What if I suspect key code misuse?

Your dealership should communicate the proper procedures for requesting key codes. Any suspicious activity either within the dealership or externally should be reported to Dealer Systems Support.

Whose key codes can I access through the system?

At this time the following Canadian vehicle codes are available through the system: Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, HUMMER (H2 and H3 only), Oldsmobile, Saturn, Saab and Isuzu (up to 2002 model year) for a maximum of 17 model years.

What should I do if I enter a valid VIN and the system does not produce any key code information?

Occasionally, the KeyCode Look Up application may not produce a key code for a valid VIN. This may be the result of new vehicle information not yet available. In addition, older vehicle information may have been sent to an archive status. If you do not receive a key code returned for valid VIN, you should contact GM of Canada Dealer Systems Support.

How do I access KeyCodes if the KeyCode Look-up system is down?

If the KeyCode Look-up system is temporarily unavailable, you can contact the original selling dealer who may have it on file or contact GM of Canada Dealer Systems Support. If the customer is dealing with an emergency lock-out situation, you need to have the customer contact Roadside assistance, OnStar(R) if subscribed, or 911.

What should I do if the KeyCode from the look-up system does not work on the vehicle?

On occasion a dealer may encounter a KeyCode that will not work on the vehicle in question. In cases where the KeyCode won't work you will need to verify with the manufacturer of the cutting equipment that the key has been cut correctly. If the key has been cut correctly you may be able to verify the proper KeyCode was given through the original selling dealer. When unable to verify the KeyCode through the original selling dealer contact GM of Canada Dealer Systems Support. If the key has been cut correctly and the code given does not work, the lock cylinder may have been changed. In these situations following the proper SI document for recoding a key or replacing the lock cylinder may be necessary.

Dealers are required to notify the GM of Canada Dealer Systems Support any time a key code changes due to lock cylinder replacement or recoding.
How long do I have to keep KeyCode Records?

Dealership KeyCode documentation must be retained for two years.

Can I get a KeyCode changed in the Look-Up system?

Yes, KeyCodes can be changed in the Look-Up system if a lock cylinder has been changed. Contact GM of Canada Dealer Systems Support.

What information do I need before I can provide a driver of a company fleet vehicle Keys or KeyCode information?

The dealership should have a copy of the individual's driver's license, proof of employment and registration. If there is any question as to the customer's employment by the fleet company, the dealer should attempt to contact the fleet company for verification. If there is not enough information to determine ownership and employment, this information should not be provided.

How do I document a request from an Independent Repair facility for a KeyCode or Key?

The independent must provide a copy of their driver's license, proof of employment and signed copy of the repair order for that repair facility. The repair order must include customer's name, address, VIN, city, province and license plate number. Copies of this information must be included in your dealer KeyCode file.
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